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I'm a network engineer with the need to backup our Hyper-V servers in the cheapest possible manner. Over the past couple of years I've been working on Hyper-V Backup.NET in my spare time to move away from backup methods that include VBScript/Powershell/Scheduled Tasks.

Hyper-V Backup.NET's scheduler component runs as a Windows Service which is what takes care of backups. There is a front end GUI for managing backups.

The project uses to keep track of backup devices, backup jobs and backup schedules. The project also utilises the wonderful AlphaVSS and AlphaFS libraries to provide VSS support.

With Hyper-V Backup.NET you can:

  • Create backup jobs and schedule them to run on a one off, daily or weekly basis
  • Add backup devices to target backups to
  • Receive logs of backup jobs via email
  • Easily see backup results through the GUI

As mentioned above, I'm not a developer and can only work on this project in my spare time so I can't really improve on the code without further help.
The application itself runs fine and is running on a handful of our servers.




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